A marathon takes a long time to prepare for, but ..... EVERYONE can RUN a MARATHON. In our Book Healthy, Wealthy, Happy I talk about this aspect. I was a tennis player (a fat one to tell the truth) with this dream to run Comrades Marathon (almost 90 km) and the longest run I have every done before that was a 10 km run with my sister when I was fairly fit.

We are doing a fun ten day at a time program where you can learn to focus on one aspect or two aspects at the most when we start. The best way to run faster is to be stronger and leaner. For that to happen you need to transfer fat to muscle. Your body can do that if you give it the right instructions. These instructions come from eating and not eating and from exercising and resting. Join us - this will be fun!

What you need to commit to:

1. Communicate your stats daily - new weight every day by 8.45 in the morning - plus exercise of the previous day.

2. Form a partnership with two other people for support to form a triad (we will teach you this).

3. Comment on the group from time to time to motivate another person

4. Communicate to your group coach frequently - especially if you feel that you do not want to communicate.

5. Commit for ten days at a time.


below find some sample of the reporting documents for the ten days.

If you want to get more informtation to  join, send a whatsapp to 082 776 5462 (or a text message).